Sunday Fan Post by Drik Paul

Two years passed; no calls, no contact. The only voice that jingles in my ears, you said, “I’m not your friend that I’ve to answer all your texts.”

There was something that I always felt intriguing about you. I tried hard to find the answers in these two years but I failed most of the time. It was not a usual attraction, nor a sexual lust. It was neither your curves nor those moments. It was your very presence, the candid curve of your smile, the grace when you walk, the high falling streaks of your hairs that made me lost in you. I always thought that God has manufactured our eyes in a factory but God has crafted yours by His own hands. It was always me who ruined the moments, always me to drive you apart, always me to be the reason for your sorrow; yet you forgave me all the time. You always tried to seek the good from me when I threw my bad at you. I don’t want to ask you for an apology for all the shit that I did. I rather want to thank you for making me realize when you cried behind me. In this two years of time, I found the real Me. I paved the path that I always wanted to; all these events may not have happened if you didn’t say so two years back. I loved you then and I absolutely do so now, but the equations have changed. Love has got a new definition in my life. The affection, that I had before is still there in me, suppressed by the very truth of the reality but these days, I rather respect you more than I love you. I can understand the insecurities embedded deep inside you, the pressure of making the only life you have got to count, where you want to be recognized, the judgemental disposition from your family; all of this which resists you from loving me! I love you and I mean it! That doesn’t mean that I want you to do all the stuffs like the others who think they are in Love. Why not let us make a new trend of love? Something genuinely unique. We don’t need to get close, no need for dates, no kisses, no hugs, no intimacy. Why don’t we just enjoy each other’s presence in our hearts and feel the sweet vibes? Let the beat of our hearts synchronize and realize that no matter who in this world hates us; we love each other forever, till eternity lasts! – Drik Paul.


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