Achromaticity of Life

The day arrives. Like every year, it comes and every time it is the same; for others as well as her. For others it is the festival of colours, the day everyone is drenched in myriad shades from top to bottom, barely recognizable. The day Bhang is the substitute for water and sweets are had more than staple food! The day starts with the only weapon of the day: the pichkari and it ends with an ambrosial dinner with close friends and family. It is the day where everyone, a neophyte or an elderly are all smiles about being smeared with colours.

Amidst all the plethora of colours, the paint of the house has faded. It sticks out like a sore thumb among the heavily coloured houses of the block.
The din of the outside world doesn’t reach her ears. The screams of delight and the squeaks resulting from the splash of cold water on the skin doesn’t make her look out of the window. A child passes by, sees her by the window and plots a devious little plan that his puny brain can fathom. A balloon comes out from his pocket and he takes aim. Splash! the gulaal – filled balloon strikes right below the open window and the red colour makes a deep mark. It almosts looked like a perfect piece of abstract art had the canvas been so wrong!
She walks up to the window and sees her culprit and his crime. The kid runs away, petrified of the repercussions to his mischief.
The red spot reminds her of this day, a few years back. It was a Holi like any other, all the right vibes and the pleasant atmosphere in place. A perfect irony to what would follow. Weather has a knack for this, teasing humans by providing the perfect weather whenever there’s an impending doom nearby. He was just nineteen years old. A brilliant child, with the perfect manners and an amazing persona. The perfect kinda of son that any mother would kill for! Life’s irony at its best, the woman who had given birth to him never got to see him. Life chose to take away her power of vision but that wasn’t enough. On the day the whole world celebrates colours, she lost the one who made her feel she was never blind!


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