Dark lights

The lights ushered into my eyes when I first opened them to see the world I was born into. It was strange as everything seemed blurry and vague but I could hear some sound around me. The first clear image that I saw was of an object, hovering over my face, enveloping my body with a pinkish, soft thing sticking out of the mouth. Soon I realized that some watery substance was enveloping me amidst squeals of noises I had never heard before. Who were these strange angular faces with two bulging brown dots and the tip of their faces marked with a black patch with two holes and why on Earth was I been ogled at?  Why was this particular being licking the hell out of me! My eyes shift upwards towards myriad streams of lights spreading against a vast space of darkness. A humongous bang disperses the accumulated crowd and sudden wails reach the side of my face. I am picked up by my neck and I am carried somewhere away from the noises and my eyes shut close.

It was five whole weeks later that I learnt about the significance of that episode that glorious night when my eyes decided to open themselves and enjoy the sensation of sight. I had the privilege of understanding what I was and for those of you reading this who could not grasp such an obvious predicament.. for you all, I shall have to clarify that yes indeed I, Bholu, am a ROADACIAN; or commonly known as a Street Dog. The one licking me with all her might that night and the one who carried me in his mouth after that awfully loud noise were my parents. They were solely responsible for my birth and they were going to be the ones to look after me till I could start looking after myself.

My mother, who’s licking had increased since that night was a very strange being. Enveloping us in umpteen amounts of her saliva one moment and in the very next she had her teeth out, chiding her lungs out at her husband or us. Ah! Well that brings me to “us”; namely Chintu, my elder brother, Sadhu and Ghushan, my elder sisters and Nonte, my younger brother. Yes people you just read five hilarious names but to you I should inform that all these names were christened to us by none other than another kin of your race. Sarcasm must be noted. This human whom I just mentioned, named us even before our own parents could assemble all of us together! They were not at all surprised because even their names had been given by this very same woman whom everyone called ‘Mashi’. It occurred to me that this Mashi was a famous woman as everyone who came to her shop knew her by her name. We used to loiter around all day near her shop looking for scrapes that some humans graciously left for us to nibble at and at night we took shelter in the neighborhood. Some nights were good if we could sneak in and sleep at the front porches of the nearby houses while most were plagued with mid night rants from the occupants of those houses whose front porches we used for a mere four or five hours. From a very early age we knew that our lives were hard as mostly we had the nights mentioned latter. Thus, my journey of life started with my four siblings but there was one major difference between them and me… I had the huge honor of being born on that fateful day known to you humans as Deepavali; the Festival of Lights.

The reason I had to mention such a trivial fact is that for humans my birth date is a symbol of the triumph of Good over Evil, a festival that dresses the melancholic night sky with innumerous arrays of colours whilst in the dog world, it happens to be the Worst day of the year and such was my incredible good luck that I was born on such a day…