What goes around comes around.. :) 


Little Meher is a graduate today, ready to explore the world all alone. Her father still reminisces the day she had reached out to him with her arms wide open to say ‘Papa’ 

Yes that ‘Papa ki Pari’  was all set to go the distance and face the hideous world. She is jovial, kind and confident. She packs her bag, heads for the station. 

phone rings

“Come back! He’s no more”, a voice from other end said nothing further and hung up the call. 

Clueless Wridwik, took his wallet, banged the door and called for a cab. 

Trains these days need a 4 month prior booking yet people fight for seats. Wridwik booked 4 hours before the train was scheduled. Naturally, he was bound to be in que and nowhere he could expect a reserved seat for the long 26 hours journey way back to his home. 

“64 to board from Bhubaneshwar, so I can manage there for the time being”,Wridwik murmured as he checked the list of passengers. 

Their journey started from Howrah station with them taking two different trains, 

After years, they’re heading for Howrah on the same train. Has destiny planned something for them or will they write their own? 

Let’s see… 

There’s much more than a match!

As I scroll down my news feed; I see something that is peculiar yet quite palatable. I see countless posts; memes, videos and even status updates regarding a cricket match. Let me rephrase that, THE cricket match! It is the most exciting encounter of any given tournament. An encounter that is not just limited to the field but which has a direct connection to tens of thousands of heartbeats sprawled across two nations; two nations that have earned an infamous reputation of being used as synonyms to conflict, war, despair and animosity. Two nations who have subjected their populations to countless battles and unnecessary violence. Two nations that have fought like siblings bickering over who is more beloved to their mother. They justify by saying that it is not just a match but it is an emotion! Basking over a few consecutive victories and making the mistake of identifying oneself as invincible is not an emotion but simply hypocrisy! A sportsman is not supposed to be affected by any personal or national prejudice while playing for their respective countries but what can a team possibly do if the very people they represent are so whimsical and frenzied that all of their attention is focused on the possible outcome of their match and the repercussions that’ll follow! How patriotic of us to subject our players to such magnanimous pressure before a game that has such paramount importance; not because of who the opponent is but because it is the final match which the team has reached after going through extreme amounts of hard work and training?

To all those baffled minds who fail to grasp this; I have but one thing to say, we need not be patriotic only when it’s the 15th of August or the 26th of January or when we play against Pakistan. If patriotism is what you want to showcase, do it by bettering your country rather than by demeaning another country’s sportsmen. The game that our country is synonymous to doesn’t need this kind of orchestrated chaos and disparagement.

It is not only about a match tomorrow or which team wins and who gets the Man of the match award; tomorrow is the day we celebrate those who have single – handedly won every Man of the match award in the innumerable matches that life had to offer! Tomorrow is the day to recognize the Clark Kent’s in our lives who have been our Superman all along. Tomorrow is the day to acknowledge all the Bruce Wayne’s in our lives who have been switching into whosoever we need them to be; may it be the suave cool dad in front of friends or the chiding Dark Knight who silently swallows our anger and subjects themselves to harm just to protect us! Tomorrow is more important for that bald, pot-bellied man sitting beside you watching the same news over and over again! Tomorrow is the day you are a Son/Daughter first and a convenient patriot later! Cheers to the reason why we had a chance to see this final and all the myriad things we lay our eyes upon! Thank you for making sure we had a Real Superhero to look up to when the facade of cartoons and comic books broke.

To Every Father, Dad, Daddy, Papa, Dadzyy, Paaaa out there.. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!