Rose Noire

Who says that Black is for portraying everything Bad? Who says that it is the most negative colour on the palette of an artist?

Black is not the colour of Negativity. It is not the colour depicting Darkness, Depression, Angst, Hatred, Malice, Disgust or Contempt. It is not the colour of Night; for we are all Black even amidst broad daylight.

It is just the colour that never got the chance to be White.

It is sad to see how people have denoted it to be associated with all the worst kinds of emotions.

Such an elegant colour, a treat for sore eyes. The only colour which can usurp any other colour valiantly. The only colour that has never lied. The only colour that never fades away. It has so been used for long time to express anything but the holy emotion of Love. The only colour that exhibits what my Heart shall bleed.

My Love is Vengeance. That’s never free.

And so on this day; when Cupid is busy firing those deadly arrows away, I give thee, my funny valentine, a Rose Noire from the deepest trenches of my Heart. Look closely at the petals, they are spattered with the colour of my Soul. Look closely at the thorns for they will make sure your velvet blood flows. Look closely and you shall see it turn into the classic Red Rose. Look closely and you shall see; my Love isn’t Red; it is Black instead.

You are everything that a Rose Noire has ever been held for. A symbol of Mutiny, a strange sense of Anarchy, a demeanour of an Angel with the eyes of the Devil. Your velveteen voice soaks in my sins like a tiny dot of ink is soaked by the paper beneath. Your beauty radiates through the timelessness of Eternity. You are the colour that inks my Heart; you have drenched me once again in Black.

You, my Love, are my Salvation; a curse that can cure a curse like me.

You, my Love, are my Redemption and I’m your unholy Sin.

~ the black curse

via Letters to Rose Noire.

Odio Amoroso

Wise men say, only fools rush in..

And thus the love ballad began; ensuing lovers for over a period of fifty-six years and counting. The heavenly voice, caramelized the lyrics based on the romance by a certain Jean-Paul-Égide Martini. It has been one of those songs that simply take your breath away, much like she did whenever my forlorn eyes saw her vibrant ones.
It was doomed from the very beginning for the past always has a say in scripting the present and the future. yet the poor, unthinking heart never really swayed by the mighty odds stacked against it, she came in. Broke through the barriers guarding my ruins and ignited a spark that was long forgotten in the icy cold surroundings of my dilapidated life. And so this magnanimous emotion came back to devour me once again using Hope as the bait!
“I’m in awe of what we have”, she used to say quite often during our walks along the city high-rises and connecting bridges. In awe we really were because she was someone else’s and I knew that. “I can’t love her. I mustn’t”, or so I thought.

When have we ever had the privilege to choose whom to love and whom not to?
And the inevitable happened; one fell whilst the other remained and they both understood what happened.
The vibe died, the conversations shortened, the meetings postponed or cancelled. Although they both knew what they had seen in the eyes of one another while her palm was enveloped by his that one fateful evening surrounded by the upbeat music in a bar, had been real.
They say that writing your feelings down helps one accept the turmoil within; I suppose this is me trying to do the same.
This is inspired from the song; Can’t Stop Falling in Love With You.


Help me Stop Falling in Love With You

Take my soul,
Take whatever I own,
For I just want you
Cause I’m losing my heart to you.

Like the Sun and the Moon,
Can never meet
Oh Love, this is it
Some things are not meant to be

Whenever I see those eyes,
Its as if I’m flying high,
But then I realize
That all of this is a lie

Like the Wolf and the Moon
Shall never meet,
Baby, this is it
Some things are not meant to be

Stop my heart
Break these stupid train of thoughts
For you’ll never be mine
Even if I fall for you.

No matter what I try,
Its as if I’m falling hard,
So help me my dearest,
Stop me from falling in Love with You
Even though I can’t stop falling for You.

– oրեո