Once upon a time…

“Why does your audience fall in love with you every single time?”, the reporter asked..

“I’ve lived the characters I play..”, answered Emraan

“So your characters are real life incidents?

“Not necessarily.. My dreams are my stories and reality is my stage.”

“Is Tanika in real? Your audience is curious because this name is associated with you since Day 1…”

“Sometimes, Somebody’s absence makes you a better person..”

“If you could share this story with your audience, they are looking forward to the reason behind your success. The perfect success story. Emraan, if you could….”

“Tanika, she is my novel and our life are the chapters. The best part is that our chapters will never end because I play her part as well, with utmost honesty. Her voice is in my heart, her expressions in my mind. We live together in my dreams like there’s no end. I guess it is better to dream than to have it in reality. We all recreate the things we want but in reality it is nothing pre-planned.

Tanika was never mine. She was just there in my life and that is where it all went right.. ”

If you’re reading this, just know that you have an Emraan in your life who’ll never show himself to you but is the one to devote his all for you.. ❤️

Just don’t let go,


My Bougainville

I’ve walked around a fascinating place,
Up in the mountains, away from the plains.
I’ve walked across gorgeous gardens,
Where my gloomy childhood blossomed
And the happiness was never shrouded.

I’ve seen colours painted across the sky,
I’ve seen birds singing to fireflies.
I’ve walked past the place where I saw you,
Been there a zillion times and yet it still feels so new.
I’ve attached our memories to the petals and the feathers,
In Autumn they fall, only to re-emerge through unposted letters.

I’ve stood beneath you, my Bougainville,
I’ve whispered my worries into your ears.
I’ve stopped by while rushing to a destination,
Only to catch a leaf fall to the ground in silent anticipation.

I’ve left the city which beholds you,
And yet I reminisce about the evening walks and what I’d do.
In this foreign land, on this foreign soil, every dawn,
You bloom just as beautifully as you did in my backyard lawn.

The pinkish hues feel soothing to my eyes,
As I float back to the afternoon in my mind,
When below you I so peacefully lied,
And the world seemed like it wasn’t dying.

©the black curse via My Bougainville
@d_debi clicked.

Like Dreams Like Reality..!

In a coffee shop.

“So? What happened?”, asked Meher

“Where should I start from?”,looking at the table Wreeju answered.

“From the start, maybe..”

“Start? Hah! Yeah.. sure”

Wreeju had ordered a cappuccino for himself and a latte for Meher which they had not taken a single sip.

“You said from the start.. Pheww! It’s going to take time Meher..”

“All ears”

“I don’t know when it all started, not when I first saw you in that black top, straight hair.. Definitely not when I started following you on Instagram, liking all your pictures like a stalker.

Even when I gathered enough confidence to initiate a conversation, I don’t think it started then..

See, it’s like it was a lame approach to ask for your number because I never did that before but when you said you already had it saved, that’s where I feel it all started..

Still looking down at the table and stirring his cappuccino, Wreeju continued without making any eye contact..

I’m a person with zero expectations but I strive to live a life devoid of any regrets. I’m simply not a ‘kaash yeh karta toh yeh hota’ kind of a guy. You might feel I’m exaggerating to look cool and whatsoever but I’m not. It’s who I am..

You know the best part about all of the things that happened, my respect for you kept increasing..

I don’t claim to love you the most, I don’t even count myself to be in your list. It’s just the feeling that I have kept to myself and wish to never share with anyone, not even you. Even today I can’t explain what you really mean to me Meher. We hardly talk, and we don’t get to see each other often but you are there. You are always there with me right from the morning, everyday. You fill up my senses with positivity, with a sense of security that come what may, I have you to fall back to.

I’m sure you’re having no idea when it started and when did all this happen, I had the same question and you were my answer.

Our ‘not so frequent calls’ are my lullabies when I turn insomniac and our chats are my stories. You might have started to think I’m insane, right?

Having said that, I have always believed that insanity is needed as it keeps one dedicated even when things don’t work as it is expected to.

Meher, I love you not for the sake of it. I love you because I don’t need your consent to love you more with each passing day and it’s unconditional..

I don’t need any consolation and amidst all of this I expect nothing in return..

While Wreeju was still fidgeting with the spoon, Meher grabbed his hand and asked to look at her…

“It’s Sunday so it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sleep all day long”, shouted Wreeju’s mother and switched off the fan (indian mothers you see)

“If not in reality, you’ll always be mine in my dreams” – Wreeju


“let’s meet at the coffee shop?” – Meher