A Starry Night

‘Look at the stars, look how they shine for you’

But there are no stars in the night sky. The city lights reflecting on the calm water makes it look like a starry sky. The city sleeps while the dreadful whispers are heard. The night is dark and the terrors have just begun.

A traveler from far beyond, traveling in a forlorn boat with no one for company but long lost ghouls. The atmosphere is eerily calm, as if it is the silence before a storm. The buildings are lit even when the city is fast asleep.
“Peculiar thing” the traveler thinks.

The horizon is blue, the end seamlessly far. The traveler muses to himself about the unforgiving nature of his past. The life left behind, the sins committed, the vows taken only to be broken, the face of death worn like a glorious mask on his face.

There seems to be no life around. An inexplicable fear creeping up on to the back of the man. Has he been here before? Passing the city that sleeps through the day only to wake up during the unholy hours of the night? He looks around and sees men, women and children; all looking straight into his eyes. He sees the fire of hell in them; they’re walking but there’s no life in them. They recognize him. He realises he’s been here before.
Following orders of the Devil, removing anyone who tried to oppose.
He has arrived. The final destination of his venomous soul.

The boat travels towards the destination alone.
No stars, no moon, no traveler.
Waiting for the next sinner to come aboard.

©the black curse

Artwork by Sakshi Jajodia (inspired by Van Gogh)


The door slams shut. The earphones are plugged in.The violins shimmer into life.
The bass takes it’s place.
The rhythm is set and then it all begins.

‘When she was just a girl…’

The song begins and slowly the lyrics work like magic. The eyes close.
The dream begins floating in her mind.
The day and all the rumbling,
the countless innuendos and the quarreling;
they’ve conspired against her to make her feel weary, to make her feel that this reality is just too cruel to live in.
But she has surpassed them all, she’s flown away and now none of this can touch her again.

She lies on the soft grass, while the sun is frolicking and the breeze is singing. The world is at utmost peace. A faint sound of the waves crashing into the shore looms around. The sound of the daily lives have been muted. The birds fly in merriment and the world around her is shrouded in leaves and trees and bushes and forests. The world feels like it has a new life now.

Some images rush by her eyes, transporting her to the ghastly incident. A few tears roll down her cheeks. The walls are again closing in. She feels like running once again and just then the lyrics float back into her ears to usher her into a new dimension; where she sees what she had been vehemently praying for.

Her favourite Mango tree dancing on the tunes of the spring time winds and smiling broadly at her.

The tears stop. A smile awakens on the corner of her lips. For she has seen her favourite tree come alive; moments after seeing it being chopped down mercilessly and watching it breathe out and die.

Yes, indeed she has found paradise.

She has found her paradise.


Artwork by Nilakshi Sarkar.