Smiling faces greeting us at the door,

Laser light beams swirling all across the floor,

Urbanized ethereal décor depicting famous folk lores.

The smell of sizzlers, fries and booze,

Flooding the nostrils of everyone in the room,

Waiters rushing to and fro taking orders

And making sure that St. Valentine’s day is celebrated with a blast! Young couples on the dance floor, grooving to the upbeat music and keeping each other’s tempo.



– “Hi Sir! A table for two?”
– “No, just for me. Thank you”

Perplexed and maybe even a tad bit shocked,
He points towards one of the corners of the room.
I wade through the sea of intoxicated lovers,
While hearing the loud music eat up most of the silent proposals.

I order my usual, a scotch whiskey on the rocks,
And the DJ puts on one of those romantic tracks.
The disco ball goes off and the dim lights come on,
I look around to see if I’m the only odd one out!

And there she was, sitting at the other corner of the room,
Sipping her Cosmopolitan and looking at the couples’ dance; with what seemed like forlorn eyes.

She seemed familiar; as if I’d seen her somewhere,
Her brown hair seemed like a cascade, beautifully complimenting her smile which seemed sad on the inside.
I felt an urge to not look away, which was uncommon for a guy like me; I’m sure you have deciphered that already by yourselves.

I had read about broken smiles plastered on happily masked faces but I had never experienced it before and it pierced right through my heart which had already been shattered into a million pieces. And then our eyes met for a few seconds..

“You can say what you want but I’m giving it a chance”


Song ~ Revelator eyes by The Paper Kites

Every end has a Beginning..

We are blinded by the notion that time heals..

Time is never the healer, the soul is..

We are all wounded by people, society, the traditions and whatsoever we give importance to..

It is not the right time that heals those wounds but the right people we bump into..

We all are looking for a soul to connect to. However, we fall prey to the pre-conceived notions that surround us..

You can never unlove

However the intensity diminishes with healing power of the soul..

Too much of anything is toxic, and toxicity is hazardous both for the mind and the soul..

How far have we come?

We almost reached the end..

But there is something ahead of this, right?


Beginning of some other end..

But we end here, okay? No more..

You still are going to start, this time someone else will walk with you.. No one stops..

We were never meant to walk together, so for me this isn’t an end neither a beginning.. I have been walking all by myself towards somewhere I am not sure of..

We are going to meet again.. Someday when you’re lost, I’ll be there to guide you home..

Okay.. Let’s not extend this any further.. Try not to come in my way EVER AGAIN..

I’ll be in touch..

I won’t give you that chance.. Be sure of that..

I don’t need you to be in touch.. I have taken care of it..

Rubbish.. I am so not interested to take this any further...

I’ll carry all of it for both you and me..

How will you? I won’t let you..

How will you end the journey you never started…

Our lives are stories and each journey is a chapter. Few gives us joy and few sorrow but with every end, there is a beginning….

Have you reached the end?


Are you heading for a beginning?