That very day…

Are you even planning to return my umbrella? 😏”

I was about to if it had not rained yesterday 😶”

Rescuing you every single time, eh! 😂”

You have always been my rescuer until that very day…

I did. I still do. I will continue doing so.. Now tell me when are we meeting again?

Tomorrow at 5


The same place where it all started…

Meher and me were never best friends and neither we vowed to be. However, we both looked out for one another everytime..
She moved to a different city for her grads and there it was. Everything messed up. I still remember the evening we met just an hour before her flight.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport, July 2013

Beta, I knew you would come.. I told her not to go but she is not listening. I will be all alone in that 3BHK flat.. I don’t know what I am going to do…

This is Mehers mother. Loving, caring and full of innocence.

Meher was struggling with the trolley when she heard her mom talking to someone, she instantly looked at me and with a reflex turned back..

Damn! She couldn’t hide it. Bloodshot eyes and anxious behaviour..

I quickly went upto her and picked up the leftover luggage on the ground..

Who asked you to come and help?.. Go away from here, NOW

I know what you’re going through, you’ll just be..

You will never know what I’m going through, just GO AWAY..

I am just here to…

Just GO AWAY..

That was the day, I felt it..

Next Day, I had my Maths exam (Half-Yearly Class XII) and the teacher felt it too while checking it..

Let’s Walk..

We started walking towards Home.

I don’t which home she was heading, because all I knew was that I had already reached home.

Why does everything that we love, ends up so fast?“, she asked..

Maybe we don’t want to explore the ugly side of it“, I said.

She meant about the ice cream, I don’t know why I said that and I still don’t know whether she understood or not..

Do you remember we stood there all drenched and you gave your blazer to me as I was shivering?, unusual rain at that time of the month..“, she pointed towards the old man’s shop which still was still open…

Surprisingly, it started to rain, well at this time of the month, it wasn’t unusual..

She looked for the umbrella in her bag and I somehow gathered enough courage to hold her hand and run across the street to the old man’s shop..

The old man recognized us. Why wouldn’t he, we used spend a lot of time in his shop before and after school. Meher was very keen towards weaving.

Chacha, pehchana?“, she smiled at him and handed over a pack of biscuits..

She had always been like this, kind, and full of love.

Aj baarish mein phirse tum dono bheeg rahe ho, abhi bhi bachpana nahi gaya..“, he smiled at us while fixing the sewing machine..

We waited at the shop for a long time, and she talked a lot about her life after school.. I wasn’t even saying a word because it had been so long I heard her voice, so long we met..

It has stopped raining. We should leave now.

I really wished that it rained little longer.

I dropped her home and watched her close the door.

I left for home leaving one behind.

Let me know when you reach and the umbrella is in your bag. I know it isn’t manly enough according to you to carry one but surely sensible enough to avoid cold. Don’t lose it, I’ll take it back. Loads of love. It was so good to see you. Take Care Babe

She is still the same. I guess we’ll be the same too, with time.. ❤️

An unexpected encounter..

I met Meher last evening after a decade maybe.
She was standing at the bus stop not knowing I would pass by..
She saw me and waved, I was on the other side waiting for the signal to turn red..
As I was about to cross and reach her, she turned red..

Not to my surprise, she was still brave enough to hug me despite the crowd that was around. We had met after 6 long years..

You have become so thin, are you still eating and gaining nothing?‘, she laughed wiping her tears..

I hope you are going to get me ice-cream and drop me home‘, she added…

I quickly got Kwality Walls Sandwich Icecream for her..

This was the only ice cream we used to have back in school and we would walk together to her home. Daily.

Let’s walk…‘, I said.. This was the first two words that I had uttered. I had a gulp inside, choked…

I guess we have a lot to talk about and I think this is going to be a long one‘, she looked at me and took the first bite of the one sweet happy memory..



You came in like a butterfly, fluttering around the dark side of my life.
You woke me up with a smile, the smile that can make everything feel just fine.
You made me realise that it was not my fault, that I too could be loved even after being so drastically flawed.
You made my insides crawl, with that look in your eyes and the earnestness in your soul.

You gave me courage to look at myself in a new light; not dreading the shadows and the past mistakes of my life.
You turned all the knobs of my insides and set them right; suddenly I was in tune and singing amidst the moonlight.
I looked at the mirror and there I was; the old me; rearranged and remoulded into someone absolutely new.
And then you did what I could never associate with you;
You left me and didn’t bother seeing me descent into the abyss of my past and the turmoil of breaking down; negating my growth in plain sight!

Tonight I am decked out for the whole world to see me,
They love the mask that is masking my insanity.
The cracks and crevices can be felt if someone looks a bit more closely but no one’s allowed anymore; after what you did to me.My frailties have slowly crept inside and morphed into my reality,My tears have dried up; just like your decaying humanity.

I arrange and rearrange the pieces of my mask every morning,
Only to break it again during the wee hours of my unceremonious mourning.
My hands often bleed because the shards are far too sharp for my skin,
But then again I make myself remember who I am and what I carry within my soul masked by my smile and my body:

A broken mask of beauty masking the marks left on me for loving someone ever so deeply. An emblem to prove that love heals a lot less than it ruptures and damages.

©the black curse

Picture courtesy – Sakshi Jajodia