Living Dead.. 

Dehradun, 2000

Oh please! Just shut up. I’ve been listening to this crap for a long time. Your family had never accepted me wholeheartedly and I am tired of pleasing them ever since. “, her mom was  screaming at the top of her voice. 

Not a single word was heard from her father. 

Avantika kept her head down looking at the carpet and her mind constantly trying to connect the dots of this daily disagreement and the increasing distance between her parents. Though she was just 8, yet she could understand the differences between her parents. She knew that they did not like each other. 

Avantika?  What kind of non sense is this! You were supposed to write an essay on ‘My family’. Why did you copy Arshi’s essay? “, her teacher rebuked

Because I found her family to be happier than mine..”, she replied 

Her teacher had no answer to that. She did not know what Avantika was going through. 

Avantika’s soul was caged. She wanted to flee. She seeked help.. 

To be continued… 


Knowing Emraan.. 

14th April, Kurseong. Present Day. 

Happy Birthday Emraan“, a voice of a lady came to his ears.. He still had his eyes closed until a touch on his forehead woke him up.. 

Thank You Miss.”, he said. 

You better take a leave today and enjoy the day. Have a good day my child.”, and then Miss. Lobo left his room. 

Emraan stood near the window watching the boys play. He then sat on his bed, lighted a matchstick and watched it burn till the end. When the whole school gathered for the morning prayer, he was still there in his room lost in his thoughts, the outside world did not bother him. After a while, he reached out for a book and turned to Page 78. There was a picture of a boy laying on his mother’s lap. He watched that till his vision went blurr and he shut the book. 
This hostel was his home, the garden adjacent to the school was his playground and the flowers were his friends. He spent the entire day watching them. 
10 long years in that place, he saw them grow. He saw them smiling to the sun, He saw them fall. Every spring he had new friends and every autumn, he would lose all. He knew what losing was, how it felt. And like every year, he spent his entire birthday with himself and the roller coaster of emotions he couldn’t keep aside. 
“Come Emraan. It’s time to cut the cake. Come with me.”, it was again Miss. Lobo who brought him back to the real world. 

Can I cut the cake in my room?”, he said looking down to the untied laces. 

Emraan has always been different from those of his age. He wasn’t abnormal, he was just friends with himself. Little did the world know the reason behind his calm…. 

To be continued…. 

What goes around comes around.. :) 


Little Meher is a graduate today, ready to explore the world all alone. Her father still reminisces the day she had reached out to him with her arms wide open to say ‘Papa’ 

Yes that ‘Papa ki Pari’  was all set to go the distance and face the hideous world. She is jovial, kind and confident. She packs her bag, heads for the station. 

phone rings

“Come back! He’s no more”, a voice from other end said nothing further and hung up the call. 

Clueless Wridwik, took his wallet, banged the door and called for a cab. 

Trains these days need a 4 month prior booking yet people fight for seats. Wridwik booked 4 hours before the train was scheduled. Naturally, he was bound to be in que and nowhere he could expect a reserved seat for the long 26 hours journey way back to his home. 

“64 to board from Bhubaneshwar, so I can manage there for the time being”,Wridwik murmured as he checked the list of passengers. 

Their journey started from Howrah station with them taking two different trains, 

After years, they’re heading for Howrah on the same train. Has destiny planned something for them or will they write their own? 

Let’s see… 

Elucidation #4

Goa, 2003.

Goa is always colorful at this time of the year and this time it wasn’t any exception.
A girl walking down the beach.
Heineken in her hand.
Heavy drags of Classic.
Oh God! Pink Beach Wears never disappoint lustrous eyes…
The uncomfortable boner..
The only liquid that spilled his trunk was the Virgin Mojito.
She kept walking on till the sea kissed her feet.
He kept staring at her butt while comforting his innocent friend.
A big HELLLOOO from Nairit.
Don’t you want to know more about me(Prerna)?

Elucidation #3

Somewhere in this world..

The car door opened and a hand fell lifelessly and touched the grass which had the chilly dew drops on it.

Two months earlier, Sydney..
Enjoying the Christmas Party with a Bloody Mary sat a girl with cat-eyes, long hair with blonde highlights gazing through the unknown population in the club.
Selfies was not her thing, so she stayed aloof from her gang.
Took a picture of her drink, posted on Instagram captioned “Of Christmas things and travel diaries.. #BloodyMary #SydneyCelebratesChristmas#OneDownFromTheList #YOLO

Introducing Avantika,
Her mind is her only weapon. Smart. Witty. Beautiful. And yes, those eyes can really do wonders. A perfectly imperfect girl who can turn you down with her killer smile..

Present day..
12 hours passed. The hand still lifeless. The breeze started to calm the heat and the sun was about to set. No sign of human life in miles.

An abondoned girl.
On an abondoned place.
Her heart still beating slowly.

Avantika, will you wake from your nightmares?

Elucidation #2

Delhi, 1998.

The school bell rang..
Summer holiday..
The ecstatic bunch of students rushed out of their classes wishing each other “Happy Holidays”
Only one sat at the very corner of the room, carefully placing the bookmark and then pulled the chain over.

Introducing Emraan,
Forced introvert. So, he keeps himself confined in the stories which is his world.

Holidays always pleased him because he could be himself all the time. And there was no one to pull him out of his world of fantasy. But this one was different..!

What was different?

Elucidation #1

Kolkata, 1995.

The first time their eyes met at the Howrah Station when co-incidentally their trains were on schedule (which was nothing unusual those days).

Introducing Meher,
A born bong but to be brought up somewhere she didn’t know yet.

Also introducing Wridwik,
On his way to Ahmedabad, to meet his grandmom. Not a Gujju.

Little did they know that destiny had something else planned for them.
Two different trains.
Two different destination.

Journey Continues……. Continue reading