Achromaticity of Life

The day arrives. Like every year, it comes and every time it is the same; for others as well as her. For others it is the festival of colours, the day everyone is drenched in myriad shades from top to bottom, barely recognizable. The day Bhang is the substitute for water and sweets are had more than staple food! The day starts with the only weapon of the day: the pichkari and it ends with an ambrosial dinner with close friends and family. It is the day where everyone, a neophyte or an elderly are all smiles about being smeared with colours.

Amidst all the plethora of colours, the paint of the house has faded. It sticks out like a sore thumb among the heavily coloured houses of the block.
The din of the outside world doesn’t reach her ears. The screams of delight and the squeaks resulting from the splash of cold water on the skin doesn’t make her look out of the window. A child passes by, sees her by the window and plots a devious little plan that his puny brain can fathom. A balloon comes out from his pocket and he takes aim. Splash! the gulaal – filled balloon strikes right below the open window and the red colour makes a deep mark. It almosts looked like a perfect piece of abstract art had the canvas been so wrong!
She walks up to the window and sees her culprit and his crime. The kid runs away, petrified of the repercussions to his mischief.
The red spot reminds her of this day, a few years back. It was a Holi like any other, all the right vibes and the pleasant atmosphere in place. A perfect irony to what would follow. Weather has a knack for this, teasing humans by providing the perfect weather whenever there’s an impending doom nearby. He was just nineteen years old. A brilliant child, with the perfect manners and an amazing persona. The perfect kinda of son that any mother would kill for! Life’s irony at its best, the woman who had given birth to him never got to see him. Life chose to take away her power of vision but that wasn’t enough. On the day the whole world celebrates colours, she lost the one who made her feel she was never blind!


Sunday Fan Post by Drik Paul

Two years passed; no calls, no contact. The only voice that jingles in my ears, you said, “I’m not your friend that I’ve to answer all your texts.”

There was something that I always felt intriguing about you. I tried hard to find the answers in these two years but I failed most of the time. It was not a usual attraction, nor a sexual lust. It was neither your curves nor those moments. It was your very presence, the candid curve of your smile, the grace when you walk, the high falling streaks of your hairs that made me lost in you. I always thought that God has manufactured our eyes in a factory but God has crafted yours by His own hands. It was always me who ruined the moments, always me to drive you apart, always me to be the reason for your sorrow; yet you forgave me all the time. You always tried to seek the good from me when I threw my bad at you. I don’t want to ask you for an apology for all the shit that I did. I rather want to thank you for making me realize when you cried behind me. In this two years of time, I found the real Me. I paved the path that I always wanted to; all these events may not have happened if you didn’t say so two years back. I loved you then and I absolutely do so now, but the equations have changed. Love has got a new definition in my life. The affection, that I had before is still there in me, suppressed by the very truth of the reality but these days, I rather respect you more than I love you. I can understand the insecurities embedded deep inside you, the pressure of making the only life you have got to count, where you want to be recognized, the judgemental disposition from your family; all of this which resists you from loving me! I love you and I mean it! That doesn’t mean that I want you to do all the stuffs like the others who think they are in Love. Why not let us make a new trend of love? Something genuinely unique. We don’t need to get close, no need for dates, no kisses, no hugs, no intimacy. Why don’t we just enjoy each other’s presence in our hearts and feel the sweet vibes? Let the beat of our hearts synchronize and realize that no matter who in this world hates us; we love each other forever, till eternity lasts! – Drik Paul.

Elucidation #4

Goa, 2003.

Goa is always colorful at this time of the year and this time it wasn’t any exception.
A girl walking down the beach.
Heineken in her hand.
Heavy drags of Classic.
Oh God! Pink Beach Wears never disappoint lustrous eyes…
The uncomfortable boner..
The only liquid that spilled his trunk was the Virgin Mojito.
She kept walking on till the sea kissed her feet.
He kept staring at her butt while comforting his innocent friend.
A big HELLLOOO from Nairit.
Don’t you want to know more about me(Prerna)?

Fan Post on Sunday by Arpita Sarkar

তোমার চিঠির না দেওয়া উত্তর

আবার আজ একবছর পর তোমাকে চিঠি লিখতে বসলাম ।শুনে আমার ছেলে মেয়েরা হাসবে । ভাববে হোয়াটস আপ আর মোবাইলের যুগেও চিঠি চলে নাকি । মা ভীষণ ব্যাক ডেটেড ।তবে তাই হোক । তুমিও চিন্তা করো না এ চিঠি পৌঁছাবে না তোমার কাছে ।এ লেখা থাকবে আমার ফুল আঁকা কাঠের বাক্সের নিচের তাকে । গতকাল ছিল ভালোবাসা দিবস ,ছেলে-মেয়েরা সব ফুল গিফ্ট কিনে ভালোবাসার মানুষের সাথে দেখা করেছিল । তোমার মনে আছে সুনয়ন! তুমি সেই তোমার রংচটা সাইকেলটা নিয়ে দাঁড়িয়ে থাকতে আমাদের গার্লস স্কুলের সামনে ।আমি বেরোতাম শাড়ি পরে ।চুলে তখন ফিতের ফুল , কপালে ছোট টিপ ।চোখের কোনে কাজল তো আঁকলাম সেই কলেজে উঠে । আমি বুঝতাম তুমি আমাকে এক নজর দেখবে বলেই দাঁড়িয়ে থাকতে ,আর ঝুমা বলতো ও নাকি তোমাকে ভালোবাসে । কি ভীষণ রাগ হতো তখন তোমার ওপর ।তুমি কেন মুখফুটে বলতে না তুমি ঝুমাকে নয় শুধু রঞ্জনাকে দেখবে বলেই অপেক্ষা করতে । আমি না হয় লজ্জা পেতাম ,তুমি তো পুরুষ মানুষ তুমি কেন এত মুখচোরা ছিলে !! সেদিন স্কুলে ব্রতচারীর ক্লাস শেষ করতে দেরি হয়েছিল বেশ ।ঝুমা আসেনি স্কুলে …গেটের বাইরে বেরিয়ে এদিক ওদিক খুঁজছিলাম তোমাকে ,ধুর দেরি দেখে হয়তো চলে গেছো অবশেষে । কিছুটা এগোতেই বুকের রক্ত ছলকে উঠেছিল , তুমি ঠিক আমার পাশে এসে বেল বাজিয়ে জিজ্ঞেস করলে ,তুমি কি আমাকে খুঁজছিলে রঞ্জু । রঞ্জনা নয় রঞ্জু বলে ডেকে ছিলে তুমি ।সেই প্রথম তোমার গলার আওয়াজ এসে পৌঁছেছিল আমার প্রতিটা তন্ত্রীতে । অবশ আমি ,অবশ আমার উত্তরের ভাষা ।মিথ্যে বলেছিলাম সেদিন ,আমার বান্ধবী নুপুরকে খুঁজছিলাম.. বলেই পা চালিয়েছিলাম । তারপর তোমাদের ঐ রায়দিঘীর মাঠের ফুটবল ম্যাচের দিন তোমার সাকরেদ বিদ্যুৎ আমার কানে কানে এসে বললো ,দিদি তুমি খেলা দেখতে না গেলে সুনয়নদা একটা গোলও দেবে না ।আমি বললাম ,তো তোমার দাদা গোল দেবে কি দেবে না তার আমি কি জানি ? সেতো তখন আমার কানে খবর টা দিয়েই হাওয়া । বিকেলে আমি ,নুপুর আর ঝুমা তিনজনে গেলাম তোমাদের খেলা দেখতে । তোমার সাথে চোখাচোখি হতেই তোমার মুখ খুশিতে ভরে গেল । তুমি কমলা ,কালোর জার্সি পরে বল পায়ে ছুটছিলে । তোমার কলেজে আমি যখন ভর্তি হয়েছিলাম ,তুমি তখন থার্ড ইয়ারের হিরো । কলেজে আমাকে দেখে তোমার ভয় কাটিয়ে এগিয়ে এসে বলেছিলে … কেউ কোনো বাজে কথা বললে যেন তোমাকে জানাই। মাত্র একটা বছর কলেজ জীবন … বিয়ের দিন স্থির হবার পর তুমি নুপুরের কাছে একটা চিঠি দিয়েছিলে ।সেটাকে চিঠি না বলে টুকরো কথা বলাই ভালো ।তুমি লিখেছিলে , আর বছর দুয়েক অপেক্ষা করতে পারতে তো রঞ্জু ।স্বপ্নগুলো একসাথে দেখতাম তাহলে.. ঐ ছোট্ট কাগজটা সেদিন জলে ভিজে গিয়েছিলো । আজও আছে আমার কাছে সেটা । আজ প্রায় কুড়ি বছর পরও এই দিনে আমি একটা করে চিঠি লিখে রাখি তোমাকে ,তোমার জন্মদিনের উপহার । তোমার ঐ চিঠির উত্তর সেদিন দিতে পারি নি ।এগুলো পৌঁছে দেবো আমি ওপারে চলে যাবার আগে । এখন আমি বড্ড গৃহিণী ,স্বামী ,ছেলে-মেয়ে নিয়ে সুখের সংসার ,খামতি নেই কোনখানে । শুনলাম নাকি তুমি আসামে আছো ,বিয়ে করে ওখানেই সংসার পেতেছো।তোমার বৌ নিশ্চয় আমার থেকেও সুন্দরী !! হয়তো তোমারও চুলের রূপালী রেখারা ভুলিয়ে দিয়েছে সেদিনের একাদশ শ্রেণীর সেই রঞ্জুকে । হয়তো আর তোমার পায়ে ফুটবলেরা ছোটে না। আমি ভুলেছি নাচের সেসব বোল । সুনয়ন! কথা দিলাম ,পরের জন্মে অপেক্ষা করবো দু বছর নয় আরো অনেক বছর ।


– Arpita Sarkar

Elucidation #3

Somewhere in this world..

The car door opened and a hand fell lifelessly and touched the grass which had the chilly dew drops on it.

Two months earlier, Sydney..
Enjoying the Christmas Party with a Bloody Mary sat a girl with cat-eyes, long hair with blonde highlights gazing through the unknown population in the club.
Selfies was not her thing, so she stayed aloof from her gang.
Took a picture of her drink, posted on Instagram captioned “Of Christmas things and travel diaries.. #BloodyMary #SydneyCelebratesChristmas#OneDownFromTheList #YOLO

Introducing Avantika,
Her mind is her only weapon. Smart. Witty. Beautiful. And yes, those eyes can really do wonders. A perfectly imperfect girl who can turn you down with her killer smile..

Present day..
12 hours passed. The hand still lifeless. The breeze started to calm the heat and the sun was about to set. No sign of human life in miles.

An abondoned girl.
On an abondoned place.
Her heart still beating slowly.

Avantika, will you wake from your nightmares?

We The People !

We are Strange. We Divide and we tend to Group. Aptly void of emotions and basic Humanity, we are traveling, crawling so to speak towards that inevitable day where the World paradoxically consumes Us as we are consuming it now.
What are we? ‘The most advanced form of Life’ ? ‘the beings’ with the most developed brain? or are we the “Epitome of Self-Destruction“? We think deeply and regret when a woman is brutally ripped off her dignity and then we change the channel and LO! that feeling vanishes, refocuses to the next big blockbuster or an item song!
This is where we have come; prodding, since ages..
From Achilles to Caesar, millions have come and gone propelling the after thought that maybe we are mere test cases,lab rats,failed experiments of that Supreme power. How can we accept that ‘this’ – “We” are the Almighty’s “finest creations”?
Is there an end? I do not think so because Life does not provide us with the Luxury of a “Restart” button! We crawl and drag ourselves to that day, “Apocalypse”, whose meaning is explained by popular beliefs and the dictionaries as ‘the day when each and every human is grouped into One set and judged personally by God whether they should prevail in the Heavens or befall to the depths of Hell’. That day is coming..

Are you prepared? Are we; we the people prepared?

Elucidation #2

Delhi, 1998.

The school bell rang..
Summer holiday..
The ecstatic bunch of students rushed out of their classes wishing each other “Happy Holidays”
Only one sat at the very corner of the room, carefully placing the bookmark and then pulled the chain over.

Introducing Emraan,
Forced introvert. So, he keeps himself confined in the stories which is his world.

Holidays always pleased him because he could be himself all the time. And there was no one to pull him out of his world of fantasy. But this one was different..!

What was different?

Elucidation #1

Kolkata, 1995.

The first time their eyes met at the Howrah Station when co-incidentally their trains were on schedule (which was nothing unusual those days).

Introducing Meher,
A born bong but to be brought up somewhere she didn’t know yet.

Also introducing Wridwik,
On his way to Ahmedabad, to meet his grandmom. Not a Gujju.

Little did they know that destiny had something else planned for them.
Two different trains.
Two different destination.

Journey Continues……. Continue reading

Lost In Love

Yonder I lie my love, letting down a Soul overburdened deeply by the sins I committed against thou whilst my heart vehemently pleaded against it. Oh! if only I could fathom these feelings of thine earlier maybe I could be resurrected but alas..
Thy love has gotten me this far and here upon I wait for an Eternity to be with you again,
Enveloped in thy embrace, laden by thy Kindness and caressed by thy Divine touch
Forgive me my follies and give me yet another chance to be Thine which I shall gladly call upon as my Next Life.”