Elucidation #2

Delhi, 1998.

The school bell rang..
Summer holiday..
The ecstatic bunch of students rushed out of their classes wishing each other “Happy Holidays”
Only one sat at the very corner of the room, carefully placing the bookmark and then pulled the chain over.

Introducing Emraan,
Forced introvert. So, he keeps himself confined in the stories which is his world.

Holidays always pleased him because he could be himself all the time. And there was no one to pull him out of his world of fantasy. But this one was different..!

What was different?

Elucidation #1

Kolkata, 1995.

The first time their eyes met at the Howrah Station when co-incidentally their trains were on schedule (which was nothing unusual those days).

Introducing Meher,
A born bong but to be brought up somewhere she didn’t know yet.

Also introducing Wridwik,
On his way to Ahmedabad, to meet his grandmom. Not a Gujju.

Little did they know that destiny had something else planned for them.
Two different trains.
Two different destination.

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Lost In Love

Yonder I lie my love, letting down a Soul overburdened deeply by the sins I committed against thou whilst my heart vehemently pleaded against it. Oh! if only I could fathom these feelings of thine earlier maybe I could be resurrected but alas..
Thy love has gotten me this far and here upon I wait for an Eternity to be with you again,
Enveloped in thy embrace, laden by thy Kindness and caressed by thy Divine touch
Forgive me my follies and give me yet another chance to be Thine which I shall gladly call upon as my Next Life.”